• Teambuilding with MindSonar, Cella van der Staak, Part II

    Part II. Dutch psychologist Cella van der Staak talks some more about how she uses MindSonar in her team building work with multinational companies, where very different cultures need to work together in unison. In this video she explains in some more detail how she conducts a training like that.

  • Why MindSonar has Professional Users Only

    People often asked us: “Why don’t you make MindSonar available directly to the general public?” We have several good reasons for not wanting to do that.

    First of all, interpreting MindSonar, although it has quite an extensive (30+ pages) written report, works best when a trained professional is helping. A professional, to mention just one aspect, understands much better how combinations of different Meta Programs work and what the implications of a certain profile could be.

  • How Options Decimated the Amsterdam Mafia

    Thinking ‘in options’ means that you like to explore many different possibilities. The counterpart to options thinking is thinking ‘in procedures’: sticking to a step-by-step plan. Most people in coaching, consulting, et cetera, are fans of options thinking. Options are creative. Options thinking makes new things possible. Procedures are for a bookkeepers and menial workers….

    Thinking in options however, can have its downside too.