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Waleska shooting

Aiming for Success and Shooting for the Stars

Ana Waleska Soto Abril, is a unique Guatemalan athlete. She is the only Guatemalan to  have participated in two sports in the XXII Central American Games and Caribbean Games in Veracruz, Mexico 2014 (Softball and Gun shooting in pit mode). Among sther athletic achievements are the following:

Medals (2010-2020)

• Silver Medalist in XXII Central American and Caribbean Games Veracruz 2014 (Hunting Weapons Shooting)

• Bronze medalist XXI Central American and Caribbean Games Mayagüez 2010 (Softball)

• Gold Medalist in Central American Games 2006, Panama (Softball)

Other achievements

• Participation in XX Central American and Caribbean Games Cartagena 2006 (Softball)

• 8th place at XXVII Toronto 2015 Pan American Games

• Currently classified for the Tokyo Olympics (2020, postponed due to pandemic).

Competition, Ideals (Integration), and Power
As a competitive athlete, it’s no surprise that her predominant Graves drive is orange (competition and winning). She is an athlete who participates in two very different sports that require different mindsets, softball is a team sport, while shooting is a solitary activity, even though she belongs to a team. It is therefore understandable that her next dominant Graves are those of together and power.

Her orange Graves is predominant as she seeks to be the best. However, as a member of a team it is also important to find harmony and solidarity with your teammates to win. When she participates in a team she is motivated by the support of others and knows that to win the team members need to work together.  Her reputation as a high-performance athlete motivates her to excel, not just in one event but two. It is important to her that others recognize her achievements and know of her reputation as a double athlete (red Graves), and winning medals represents her excellence and need to be recognized.


Among her highest metaprograms are present, internal locus of control, development, and matching. Additionally, they are closely aligned with her criteria of concentration, emotional control, motivation and their meta-criterion of good performance.

These prominent metaprograms are congruent with the type of competition Waleska is participating in. The context of this evaluation is “while I compete [in shooting].” In this sport, various targets (plates) are thrown into the air, at random and from different angles. The competitor must have a high concentration to know when to shoot the target to reach her goal. This is where the present metaprogram is seen; She needs to be focused on the targets that are being thrown at the moment. During the event, she has to use her knowledge and experience to shoot at the right time. She needs to evaluate the elements “cold blood” and then decide when to shoot. It depends on her if she hits or doesn’t hit. This is where her CCI is evident. To perform better, she has to train consistently and make adjustments to her technique slowly. In our conversation, she mentioned that sudden changes throw her off balance. She can become irritated and may lose emotional control. (She may get upset at the sudden change).  Her need for emotional control and gradual, planned changes is evident.

Waleska is clear on her goals, and knows how to reach them due to her long experience as a competitive athlete. She has a clear and reachable goal, to win she has to hit as many plates (targets) as possible. And to stay motivated, the Matching and Towards metaprograms play an important role in her performance.

One of the things that came out in our conversation was her high together and proximity metaprograms, since this is a sport in which individuals compete alone.  Waleska explained, when we talked, that she places great value on working with her coach, listening to his suggestions, and creating new habits to improve her technique. She knows that to perfect her technique she needs to be consistent, and here she activates her development metaprogram a bit. She says that if she can be consistent, it will give her body a certain automatic discipline that will improve her performance. We talked about her specific metaprogram that when she focuses too much on the details, it can prevent her from seeing the big picture, and may cause her to lose emotional control.  Despite this, we can see that Waleska is a fairly self-aware athlete, and this has led to her exceptional performance.

Have a look at Waleska’s MindSonar profile and share with us what you see.

Evaluation by Sergio Saenz with the collaboration of Debbie Yarhi and Jaime Leal.


  1. Es muy interesante.como se abordan en un contexto especifico estas formas de pensar y lo util que puede ser la herramienta. Felicidades!

  2. Great job Jaime! And Sergio and Debbie. It is always great to see a real live profile of someone with exceptional skills. I once profiled a sharpshooter in the Dutch police force. He had a very high scores on Matching and Present, just like Ana. I noticed the red lamp next to her criteria. She isn't entirely sure of the hierarchy. I think that's unusual for someone scoring high on towards and specific. Do you guys know what's going on there? All the best from Jaap

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