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  • MindSonar E-Summit #2

    We’re now preparing for our second E-Summit.This one will be on Friday December 21 – 16:00 CEST.Jaime Leal will be our host again. This event is a chance to reconnect with colleagues, be part of the family, get new product ideas, and learn from other MindSonar Professionals. Someone in country X is doing something great that might be […]

  • Meanwhile at MindSonar Global….

    Dear MindSonar Professional, It is high time for me to update you on what’s happening here in Nijmegen. As always, MindSonar Global has been busy. What have we been working on? UI and Report First of all, there are the two ‘usual suspects’: user interface and new report. We have been working on those for […]

  • International Mindsonar E-Summit #1

    In the Netherlands and Latin America we have lively and productive on site MindSonar Conferences. These events are great for the MindSonar community, reconnecting with colleagues, being part of a family, getting new product ideas, learning from other MindSonar Professionals content wise and many other forms of synergy. Jaime Leal and me are now starting […]

  • MindSonar Global moving into 2018

    We want to keep all of our international colleagues informed on MindSonar developments, so here is the latest update. Best wishes! First of all: Best wishes for 2018! May MindSonar help you connect with others, feel free and secure, relaxed and successful. May it enhance your compassion, your power and your wisdom. New user interface […]