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  • Internal and external reference, what is the link with innovation?

    As you know, the meta program ‘internal reference’ is defined as: using one’s own standards in evaluations. ‘External reference’ is using other people’s standards in evaluations. What are some concepts from mainstream science that this distinction is related to?Internal and external frames of reference in the academic self-conceptAn ‘Internal/External frame of reference’-concept used in the […]

  • Towards and away from, what does motivational theory say?

    I am still working on comparisons between meta programs and concepts in mainstream science. Last time a covered proactive and reactive, today I continue with towards versus away from.As you know, the meta program ‘Towards’ is defined as a focus on achieving goals, while its opposite ‘Away From’ is defined as a  focus on avoiding […]

  • Is proactive the same a extraverted?

    Meta programs and personality theoriesMeta programs are assumed to be variable depending on the situation. This is quite different from ‘personality’ which is supposed to be stable over time and contexts. Lately I have been starting to wonder whether the whole concept of personality isn’t doing us more harm than good. But that is something […]

  • MindSonar E-Summit #2

    Our second E-Summit was held in December 2018. If you want to view the recording all you have to do is go to the registration link, right after you register for the webinar you will gain access to the recording. These were the presentations:Jan Jonk Bun (Netherlands) – MindSonar Team View – A New GameIan Clarke – […]

  • Meanwhile at MindSonar Global….

    Dear MindSonar Professional, It is high time for me to update you on what’s happening here in Nijmegen. As always, MindSonar Global has been busy. What have we been working on? UI and Report First of all, there are the two ‘usual suspects’: user interface and new report. We have been working on those for […]