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  • Products Powered by Meta Programs

    Selling Products ‘Powered by MindSonar’

    Let’s talk about sales for a moment. We all need clients who buy or products based on meta program measurement and Graves categories. Although, in the realms of consultancy and business coaching the ‘product’ is usually a ‘project’. This indicates that it is a custom made solution, just for that one particular organization. It may […]

  • Understanding Statistics

    When you’re working with MindSonar, it can be important to have a basic understanding of statistics. Why? First of all, it’s good to know as much as possible about a system you’re working with. For instance, if you want to construct a real solid benchmark profile, it is useful to understand what correlation is. Or […]

  • MindSonar in Team Building and Recruitment | Meet Heleen van Elburg

    In our on going series ‘Meet MindSonar Professionals’, this time we meet Heleen van Elburg, a Dutch trainer/coach who works primarily in team building and recruitment. In this video she describes how she uses meta programs

  • MindSonar Psychological Testing USA

    In terms of psychological testing, MindSonar can be used for individuals, teams and organizations. As a psychological measurement, MindSonar is especially suitable when you need to measure the following aspects of psychological functioning: Cognitive preferences (thinking style) Personal and Group Values (criteria) Value structures (criteria hierarchy) Personal and Group Attitudes (Graves categories Ordering Your Psychological […]

  • MindSonar Professionals: Chris Minne and Piere Bourgeois — HR Consulting

    In this video,Chris Minne and Pierre Bourgeois from Belgium describe how they use MindSonar in their work in training, coaching and HR consulting.

    Chris and Pierre are the founders of the Brussels’ consulting firm ‘Enable’. They are both seasoned consultants as well as long time MindSonar professionals and prominent members of the Dutch-Belgian MindSonar community. They distribute MindSonar in Belgium. Jaap Hollander interviews them on Pierre’s yacht, off the Belgian cost. In the video, you can see the sea moving up and down as the boat rocks in the waves…