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  • MindSonar Psychological Testing USA

    In terms of psychological testing, MindSonar can be used for individuals, teams and organizations. As a psychological measurement, MindSonar is especially suitable when you need to measure the following aspects of psychological functioning: Cognitive preferences (thinking style) Personal and Group Values (criteria) Value structures (criteria hierarchy) Personal and Group Attitudes (Graves categories Ordering Your Psychological […]

  • MindSonar Professionals: Chris Minne and Piere Bourgeois — HR Consulting

    In this video,Chris Minne and Pierre Bourgeois from Belgium describe how they use MindSonar in their work in training, coaching and HR consulting.

    Chris and Pierre are the founders of the Brussels’ consulting firm ‘Enable’. They are both seasoned consultants as well as long time MindSonar professionals and prominent members of the Dutch-Belgian MindSonar community. They distribute MindSonar in Belgium. Jaap Hollander interviews them on Pierre’s yacht, off the Belgian cost. In the video, you can see the sea moving up and down as the boat rocks in the waves…

  • The Psychologist who Lost Herself in the Therapy Process

    This post was written by Jantine Wijtsma, a long time MindSonar professional from the Netherlands. Jantine works mainly in career counseling and we hope that she will continue for many posts to tell us how she is using MindSonar in her daily practice.

    I do a lot of career coaching for people who have had to call in sick, because they are in an early stage of burnout. Most of the time they have not actually burned out yet, but the condition does relate to them not knowing why their job doesn’t make them feel healthy any more. They don’t feel good, they lack energy, have vague muscle complaints or headaches, things like that.