Do You Follow a Set Path?

Are you driven to create new, unique ways of doing things? Or, do you prefer to follow an already established procedure? The Meta Program distinction that we will be exploring this week will have a dramatic impact on how effective you are at motivating someone or yourself toward a goal. Continue reading

How are you most productive?

How is that the environment we work in can either enhance our productivity or inhibit it? This Meta Program pattern plays a huge roll in how beneficial a working environment can be for motivating and supporting those in it. Many people will also discover that they have more than one pattern in any given setting, a dominant and a secondary style.

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How Do People Make Decisions?

The Meta Program distinction that we will be exploring this week has a huge impact on how people make decisions, as well as what motivates them. You will notice an increase in your effectiveness in dealing with others if you know which Meta Program they are operating out of in that specific context.

Internal vs. External:

“Who Decides, Me or Someone Else?” How do we know when we’ve done a good job?  Is it an inner Continue reading

Striving for goals or steering clear of problems?

“Meta Programs are subconscious mental-emotional filters that determine what you attend to, what you sort for, and what you respond to in life. These patterns identify how you process information and what motivates you to act.”Coaching In the Workplace, Tim Hallbom and Nick LeForce

Our Intention with this blog is to give you some experience with each of the different Meta Programs that MindSonar™ measures, and how you can learn to easily integrate them in any setting, whether it be personal or professional. Each week you will learn all of the different Meta Programs in depth.Continue reading

How do you reference time?

Are you contemplating things that happened in the past? Are you focusing on what is happening in the moment? Or are you planning your future?

Time Orientation: Past, Present or FutureContinue reading