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About this page
This page is for people who are interested in becoming a MindSonar distributor in their country.

It takes time and effort to be a distributor. On the other hand, it can be exciting to be involved in innovative MindSonar projects. and be part of the international ‘MindSonar Family’. Also, being a distributor can earn your a steady, long term income.

Languages available
Available languages are:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Czech (test only, report in English)

Getting to know MindSonar
You’ll want to understand the product you are going to distribute. During your orientation period, we will give you an agreed number of free MindSonar reports. We will give you your own license code to have people fill out the test and a log in code that you can use to download your MindSonar reports.

Read the page ‘Getting started with MindSonar‘.

Using the three websites
There are three websites for MindSonar.

  • www.mindsonar.com
    This is the site where people take the test.
    To take a MindSonar test, you need two codes: Your license-code and a project code. Your license code is always the same. Each MindSonar professional has their own license code. MindSonar uses this to keep track of which professionals order which profiles. The project-code (project name) is a name that you set on the administration site. MindSonar uses this to know what the settings (for instance the language choice) for that project are.
  • www.mindsonar.info
    This is the site where you are now.
    This site has a lot of information on MindSonar. Especially the ‘Showcase Projects‘ page is an important marketing tool.
  • www.mindsonardata.com
    This is the administration site.
    Here MindSonar professionals set up projects and download their MindSonar reports. You can set a project name on this site. In your instructions to clients, give them your license code and the project code (project name). These are the two codes they enter in www.mindsonar.com to take the test.
    Please note:
    the reports are not sent to clients directly, but always downloaded by the MindSonar professional. They can then mail the report to their client if they wish.

Getting your training
And of course you will need to get trained, if you haven’t been trained already, as a MindSonar professional yourself. We suggest you sponsor a MindSonar certification training in your country (6 training days). We will come and teach the training (for a fee). If you have the right network, this is a great way to get trained yourself and get started with your distributorship.

Once you are certified, you can participate in teaching the MindSonar certification training yourself in your area.

What does a distributor do?

  • Teach part of the MindSonar Certification trainings.
  • Do many MindSonar projects themselves.
  • Develop new MindSonar products.
  • Organize a national MindSonar Conference.
  • Support MindSonar professionals in their country.
  • Send bills to MindSonar professionals in their area.

MindSonar Central will give the Distributor a substantial percentage of the income from MindSonar profiles used in their area. Also a distributor will earn money from their teaching and organizing the Certification trainings and from doing MindSonar projects.

Distributor contract
We are offering distributors a contract for their area. The contract can be exclusive or shared. We offer exclusive contracts to large organisations that can cover a whole country and have a network with many training-, coaching- and team building professionals. We also offer exclusive contracts to smaller organisations in small countries. We offer shared contracts to small organisations in big countries.

To further discuss Distributorship, please contact

Jaap Hollander
Staringstraat 1
6511 PC Nijmegen
Phone: +31 24 323 08 37
E-mail: mail@iepdoc.nl

Skype: jaap.hollander