July 6, 2021

Ian Clarke

Only a few weeks ago I was reminded about diverse thinking. I coach Colts Rugby and had, for my sins, agreed to help the under 7s team. Being prepared for herding cats, I planned a session to finish with a game. One 7-year-old explained how I could improve the game. I reluctantly entertained his idea


July 10, 2022

Gaber Marolt

Amplifying your team’s advantages Understanding diversity in the financial industry and making it work for you Financial institutions are pillars of society, secure and reliable institutions that take care of money transactions. Of course, the foundations of financial institutions are their employees, and these types of companies are extremely careful about who they recruit to


May 11, 2022

Minakshee Patel

Words by Levitha Biji Leicester business owner opens up about her experience of racism, which led her to start a business based on equality, diversity and inclusion  Experiencing racism once – in a new business owner’s life – motivated Minakshee Patel to start her own consultancy firm.  Whilst at a Polytechnic in the mid 1980’s,


June 14, 2021

Jantine Wijtsma

In the multitude of conversations I have with candidates with a work or life questions, dilemmas in their careers, difficulties around absenteeism and illness or managers who struggle with keeping their team on track in times of Corona, it was great to talk to someone who said with a sparkle in their eyes: “Yes, I


January 10, 2021

Julia Burkin

Anna was born in UK in 1962. She is married with two adult sons, who are both married. During the latter part of 2019 one daughter- in-law was diagnosed with cancer and the other delivered Anna’s first grandchild.    Anna’s passions are all centred around meeting the needs of her family and friends. She accepts