About this page
Use this page when you run into a bug when using MindSonar.

First of all: we are on it
We will fix this!
Please help us by answering the questions below.
Why? When you only say “It doesn’t work”, we absolutely understand that that’s your major concern. But the system has thousands of parts, so for a programmer that’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

  • Examples of descriptions: 
”Screen freezes". or "Back button doesn't work". or "Next button doesn't work". Some description like that.
  • Examples of descriptions: 
“Question number 54” or “When I try to fill out my name” or “When I click the ’Submit’ button”.
  • Anything else you would like to say about this bug?
  • Name of the person who filled out the profile
  • Name of the MindSonar Professional who invited the end user.
  • This is the project name under which the profile was filled out. Are you reporting this bug as an end user? When you were invited to fill out the profile, you received a license code and a project name. Please put in the project name here. Leave blank if you don't know.
    The browser you use to work on the web.
    The operating system your computer runs on. Leave blank if you don't know.