Build your own MindSonar product, even when you are very busy and you can’t invest a lot of money

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From decades of experience, we know that it is not always easy to sell MindSonar Projects, no matter how beautiful the instrument is…. Because maybe your potential clients have never heard of MindSonar. Because maybe they are hanging on to old fashioned tools like DISC or Meyers Briggs. Because maybe they don’t understand how MindSonar is different. And on top of all that, there are so many offers of coaching, consultancy and team building. You need such a loud voice to be heard over all the static on the web.

Once you get the chance to work with people, showing them their thinking style, almost everybody is enthusiastic. They immediately recognise the value of MindSonar. And there are so many great things you can do for them, once you can show them their profile. But so often you can’t. Because they simply do not hire you.The same goes for businesses. If only you had a chance to construct a good benchmark profile… If only you could profile their team… You could make people’s working lives better and probably save their organisation tons of money. Except… they don’t see it.

It can be so frustrating. It is as if you had a hammer and everybody is trying to hammer in nails with their bare fists. Their hands are bleeding and you say: ‘Look I have this hammer here, why don’t you let me help you?’ And they go ‘No, no thanks. This is the best method. And by the way, our Carpentry Department has never even heard of this thing, what’s it called? This hammer?”.

Or sometimes you show them the hammer and they go ‘That looks pretty good, how much is it?’ And you say ‘It’s 10 bucks’. And they go ‘Wow, that’s pretty expensive... I don’t think we can afford that’. And you’re thinking ‘What?? You guys are loosing fortunes with your hand hammering, how is 10 bucks too much?’ 

You know you have a fantastic instrument. And you know how to use it too. You did your homework. But your potential customers get offered so many instruments by so many coaches and consultants…. And the competition are promising miracles. So you are in a bind: should I shout as loud as the competition? That’s not my style…  Be my own modest self then? But then no one will hear me… It’s a dilemma.So you sigh and you lay MindSonar aside. For now. A beautiful instrument, but so difficult to sell. It hurts. Especially when you see others doing well with lesser tools… But what can you do?

build your own MINdsonar productin just 12 weeks

What if you had your own MindSonar product?  Something that nobody else has? Not just MindSonar, but our own expertise, powered by MindSonar? Your own unique solution to a problem  people recognise. Backed up by this great instrument. This could be the answer. The missing link between having MindSonar and helping people plus making a steady income. The missing link between having MindSonar and empowering your work. You won’t be selling MindSonar anymore. No more competing with other tests. The tool won’t matter. It is the solution that matters. You are offering a product that gets the job done. And you can build this beautiful product in just 12 weeks. And the course that will teach you how to do that is on line. And if you want, your own MindSonar product can be 100% on line as well. Corona free. From the safety of your home or office.

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Here’s What You’ll learn When You Sign Up

When you sign up, we will help you build a great product. We will help you choose your audience, your niche and your solution. Starting from you own passion and your personal mission, we take you in 12 weeks from wishing to having. Step by step. You will, assuming you will put in the effort, end up with something you can sell, a unique product that nobody else has and that can really make peoples lives better.

Learn to Work from Your Passion

You will learn how to build and offer things that you totally believe in. Because you will find a way to translate your life mission into a product that adds value to people’s lives and that does the job for them.

Learn to Find the Sweet Spot

Blindly following your passion can be a big mistake, business wise. And offering what your audience wants, just because they want it too. The sweet spot lies in the middle: where your passion overlaps with their need.

Learn to Use the Six Phases

You will learn how to  follow a procedural path segmented in six clear phases. Starting from your passion you quickly move on to a prototype that actually works for your audience.

Learn to Find Synergies

You will learn to find synergy in several ways. Synergy between your pasion and their needs. Synergy between you and your partners. Synergy between you product’s procedure and a series of on line tools.

You Will be the Owner

The product that you build, that you put your energy and creativity into, will be totally yours. No license fees, no subscriptions, no profit splits, no copyrights. You are the owner of your product and you do with it what you want.

Learn to Use Rapid Development

We wil be using the principles of rapid development. You will start out – as soon as possible – with an imperfect, but working prototype. You will be using your product in real life as you are refining it.

in six phases from dream to product

In each of these six phases you will be developing an essential element of your product.


Module 1: Inner Foundation

In this module you will dive into your innermost values. What are you about? What do you enjoy enormously? And what is your vision? What is your view of an ideal world? And what will be your contribution? How will stake holders benefit? This is the psychological basis of your product. Your product is a link between your passion and your vision.


Module 2: Audience and Niche

We will be using Richard Branson’s inner strategy for your new product. You will be thinking about a specific audience and the problem your product will be solving for them. What is the job your product will do for them? You will study your audience. How do they feel? What do they sound like? Where do they meet?


Module 3: Working Prototype

After you have chosen your audience and your solution, you will quickly move forward towards a working prototype. You will be designing a procedure, that includes (and is much more than) the MindSonar profiling. A series of steps that you will use to both explain and deliver your product. You will be looking at different online tools that you can use.


Module 4: Business Plan

Then comes the phase to plan ahead and see the big picture. What do you need to bring your solution to your audience? How much time and money will you allocate to formatting your procedure, designing tangibles, setting up landing pages, a website, producing marketing materials? Who could be strategic partners? Under what conditions? What is the timeline?


Module 5: Communication/Marketing

You have the prototype. You have the plan. You are ready to add value. We’ll be looking at Obama now, for great presentation skills. And you will be writing your elevator pitch and do some quick designing. You will start building funnels and a mailing list. You will be writing articles and recording video’s.


Module 6: Transforming Obstacles

By now you are selling your product. You are 10 weeks into the building process. You are proud of what you have achieved. And you start running into obstacles. Now the challenge is not so much creating the product, but rather showing leadership. Meeting outer obstacles with inner resources.


and there is so much more in this course…

VILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training) at the heart of this course. You are not watching recordings, but you are participating in a series of live events, where you can ask questions and interact directly with the teachers and the other participants. But the course offers much more than just the VILT’s. Here are some bonuses that you will receive.

Bonus 1
MindSonar Profile of You as an Entrepreneur

It would be strange to have you do this course and not use MindSonar to help you do it well. We offer you a MindSonar profile right in the beginning of the course and you will analyse your strengths and challenges as an entrepreneur. So you can capitalise on your strengths even more and meet – or compensate for – your challenges. This profile can also be a valuable guide in choosing strategic partners. 

Bonus 2
Building a Mastermind with your Colleagues

The other participants in the course are developing their  products alongside you. They are making their discoveries, and therefore they will be valuable resources. We will offer you a structure to work with each other in a Mastermind that meets every two weeks. Each time this Mastermind has a specific objective that will help you follow your passion, find your audience, build your prototype and so on.

Bonus 3
Reminder Pages, Work Sheets, Checklists

A product needs tangibles. This is one of the things we are teaching, so we want to offer them to you too. Things that you will print (although you don’t absolutely have to). We will be offering you a resource pack for each of the six modules. A combination of checklists, worksheets, overviews and reminder pages. Things you can hold in your hands and look at. Things you can hang on the wall to remind you of the principles.

About The Course Teachers,jaap hollanderand bianca negron

Jaap Hollander founded MindSonar. In fact, MindSonar is one of the products that he developed and that functions mostly on line. Jaap is a psychologist, NLP trainer, Provocative trainer and writer. He will be talking about all kinds of products that have been developed over the years, as examples in this course. Jaap is based in the Netherlands.Bianca Negron is a MindSonar Trainer and entrepreneur. She is known for her ‘World’ product, a training program for young people to find a career that matches their passion. She specialises in ‘Personal Branding’, which will be very useful in this course. Being an army spouse, Bianca moves around a lot. Presently she is based in Virginia, USA.

how valuable is this course?

Plenty of people are making good money using MindSonar ‘out of the box’. They use it for coaching and team building services, mostly. And they usually achieve a great ROI (Return On Investment) for their customers.

What does this course add to that?

Bottom line: this course adds customers to your business. Let’s say you choose as your audience: ’30-45 year old owners of landscaping businesses, with 3-25 employees’. Quite a specific audience. And let’s say you discover that their main problem is personnel. How to find employees, how to train them and especially: how to keep them. Most of them are focussed on the beauty of nature and survival of the planet. They don’t particularly like managing people, setting performance targets and so on.

So you find out how to do that (manage people) in a green/turquoise way. You make a product of that. It’s called ‘Managing people harmoniously in the landscaping business’. Now imagine you are a 35-year old landscaping owner. You receive some generic marketing for consultancy, talking about ‘self-development’ and ‘managerial skills’. And you see this harmonious management product that fits your needs exactly. Which one are you going to choose?

And remember, as a landscaping professional, you have a hard time understanding the difference between MindSonar and a personality test. Frankly, you don’t care much which tools your consultant uses. But the problem of finding good people. And the problem of keeping them. Those are things you understand immediately.And that’s what this course will deliver. A product that you own, that people will understand and that is easy to sell.

That’s worth a lot, isn’t it.  Not only as a contribution, but financially as well. If you make only $ 10.000,- a year with this product, that’s $ 50.000,- in 5 years. Money earned doing what you love.

If you would hire a professional distance learning expert to develop this course for you, your bill might run in excess of $10.000,- Still not that bad, if it gives you a product you can sell easily, for years to come. But then of course it would require expensive updates. A product you build yourself, you can maintain yourself.

University courses in distance learning run around $20 to $30.000,- per year. Of course after a number of years they would result in a prestigious diploma. But that is probably not your main concern.

One Time Payment3 m​onth instalments

build your own product powered by mindsonar

From wishing to having in 12 weeksIntroductory Offer



  • A product you own and that’s easy to sell.
  • Distinguish yourself from the competition with ease.
  • Make people’s lives better.
  • Online, based on VILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training).
  • Get six resource packs.
  • Learn the Six Clear Steps of Product Development.

From wishing to having in 12 weeks


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  • A product you own and that’s easy to sell.
  • Distinguish yourself from the competition with ease.
  • Make people’s lives better.
  • Online, based on VILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training).
  • Learn the Six Clear Steps of Product Development.
  • Get six resource packs.

Course Enrollments close on September 2nd 2020

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30 Days

We are confident we can deliver al least what we are promising. But rest assured, we have an iron-clad guarantee for you.If within the first 30 days of the course, you decide that it’s not what you expected, or even if it is what you expected and more, but you don’t have the time or motivation to put into developing your product, we will happily return your money.You may keep all the materials you have received up until that point.We would, of course, be  curious about your reasons, but if you don’t want to reveal them, that’s fine too.

a personal note from jaap

Dear MindSonar Professional,I truly hope and expect that this new course will be a missing link between being trained and certified as a MindSonar Professional on the one hand and fulfilling your mision for a good financial compensation on the other hand.

Aristoteles said: ‘If the eye were an animal, seeing would be its soul, because that’s what the eye wants to do.’ What MindSonar wants to do is: understand. Understanding is MindSonar’s soul. I guess you knew that…. This course will help you harness that understanding for the well being of the people you choose as well as your own.Love and Peace!Jaap Hollander