Distributor – Enter Event

This page is for MindSonar distributors only.

Please use this page to put your events on the international MindSonar agenda.

  • Briefly describe the training (3 - 6 words). For instance: 'MindSonar Certification Training - Warsaw’ or 'Enrich Your Mission - Amsterdam'. Please mention city in title.
  • Describe what will be covered in the training.
  • Enter here only the first day of the training, the day the training starts.
  • All training dates (repeat the starting date here too, please). Please give dates with in this format: '12-14 September 2016', '14-19 October 2017', and so on.
  • The trainer(s) who is/are teaching the training
  • Language in which the training is taught, or the main language of the event. F.i. English with Czech translation.
  • City where the training is taking place.
  • Organisation that is organizing the training.
  • Upload a picture. It can be a picture of your country or your city, or anything else that would be attractive for participants. Recommended size: 600x600 pixels. You can use .png, .gif, or jpg. Your picture will be rounded to a circle.