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Enhancing Team Dynamics with MindSonar®: A Powerful Tool for Understanding Each Other

September 20, 2023
Ian Clarke


Effective teamwork is the cornerstone of success in any organisation. Teams that collaborate harmoniously tend to be more productive, innovative, and resilient. However, building and maintaining strong team dynamics can be challenging, especially when team members have diverse backgrounds, communication styles, and mindsets. In fact, you could argue a team is like a collection of different animal styles having a party! To overcome these challenges, many organisations want a more granular measurement that gets to the heart of problems and show the team a new way to communicate and collaborate. Organisations need skilled zoo keepers to do this or they could use a tool called MindSonar. MindSonar helps teams understand each other better and improve their overall performance.

We have been using Mindsonar in the UK for Team development in many organisations because it is adaptive and does what it says. It uncovers what is beneath that we cannot immediately see.

MindSonar is a psychological assessment tool developed by Dutch psychologist Jaap Hollander. It is designed to provide insights into how individuals think and make decisions in various contexts, which is immensely valuable in team settings. MindSonar is built on the principle that every person has a unique thinking profile, shaped by their beliefs, values, and cognitive strategies. By mapping these profiles, MindSonar helps teams understand each member’s perspectives and communication preferences.

Understanding MindSonar’s Approach

At its core, MindSonar assesses an individual’s thinking style based on the Meta Programs theory. Meta Programs are mental filters that influence how we perceive the world and make decisions. They cover areas like motivation, decision-making, social orientation, and communication. MindSonar identifies an individual’s dominant Meta Programs and represents them in a visual profile, allowing teams to gain deep insights into their members’ cognitive preferences.

How MindSonar Enhances Team Understanding

Improved Communication: MindSonar helps teams decode each member’s communication style. For example, it can reveal if someone is more focused on details or prefers a big-picture approach. Understanding these differences enables team members to communicate more effectively and reduces the risk of misunderstandings.

Conflict Resolution: By pinpointing potential areas of conflict, MindSonar allows teams to proactively address and resolve disputes. When team members understand each other’s motivations and triggers, they can navigate disagreements with empathy and find common ground.                     

Enhanced Decision-Making: MindSonar assists teams in making better decisions by considering a broader range of perspectives. Teams can identify which Meta Programs are overrepresented or underrepresented, helping them balance their decision-making processes.

Increased Empathy: Understanding the thinking profiles of team members fosters empathy and respect. Team members are more likely to appreciate each other’s unique strengths and contributions, creating a positive and inclusive team culture.                      

Tailored Leadership: Team leaders can adapt their leadership styles to better suit the needs and preferences of their team members. This leads to more effective leadership and improved team performance.

Implementing MindSonar in Teams

Assessment: Team members complete the MindSonar assessment, which typically consists of a series of questions or scenarios. The results are then analysed to create individual thinking profiles.

Team Workshops: Teams can participate in workshops facilitated by a MindSonar practitioner. These workshops help team members understand their own profiles and those of their colleagues.

Application: Once the team has a clear understanding of their thinking profiles, they can start applying this knowledge to their daily interactions, communication, and decision-making processes.

Ongoing Development: Teams can periodically revisit their MindSonar profiles and reassess their dynamics as they evolve. This ensures that teams remain adaptable and continue to improve their collaboration over time.


In a world where teamwork is essential for success, tools like MindSonar offer a valuable means of enhancing team dynamics. By helping team members understand each other’s thinking styles, communication preferences, and motivations, MindSonar promotes effective collaboration, reduces conflicts, and ultimately leads to improved team performance. As organizations increasingly recognize the importance of psychological insights in team development, MindSonar stands out as a powerful tool for fostering understanding and cohesion among team members. Hire a zoo keeper or use MindSonar

About the author 

Ian Clarke

Ian is the Director of Workforce Solutions Group and MindSonar® UK.
A coaching & training company based in Leicestershire, England. Passionate about understanding and inspiring change because #thinkingmakesitso

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