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Hi MindSonar Professionals!
You are on the forums pages. Here you can exchange ideas with other MindSonar users about Meta Program measurement, NLP (neuro linguistic programming), benchmark profiles, NLP for business, coaching, team building, and so on.

We are also maintaining a FAQ for the general public. If you have a question that you think is of interest to the general public, please post this in the FAQ.

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Starting a new forum
You can start a new forum. You might, for instance, be interested in exchanging business ideas with other MindSonar users internationally. People are doing great things with MindSonar that might be reproduced in other countries. Let’s say, for example, that Belgian MindSonar professionals have been helping a large bank with their marketing, profiling different target groups with MindSonar. This, by the way, they have actually done… MindSonar professionals in other countries could then offer similar services to banks in their countries. They can benefit from the experience and know-how of their Belgian colleagues and, secondly, they can show banks in their country how a MindSonar project had already been done with another bank abroad. So there you have it: synergy. And in terms of marketing: great ideas are great, but tangible reference projects are usually more convincing.