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GDPR and what else is happening at MindSonar Global

March 14, 2018
Jaap Hollander

Hi Everybody!

In May a new European privacy law comes into effect. It is called GDPR ‘General Data Protection Regulation’. This is a much stricter version of the privacy laws that we have today. This law applies to Europeans only, but MindSonar Global will apply the same measures to non-Europeans as well, because this is the strictest and in a sense the best law for the end user, the consumer, the MindSonar respondent.

You probably won’t notice a lot of difference in your daily use of MindSonar. But we will change the statements about privacy that you can open when you answer the questions. The respondent will have to give explicit permission to us to ens the profile to you. And at some point when you want to download a your profiles you will first have to sign an agreement with us, about how you will handle the personal data of your client that we deliver to you. But this will only be once, a set-and-forget step. Things like that.

If you need a statement about GDPR for instance for an institutional client, GDPR compliance statement about how MindSonar will comply with GDPR.

So that’s it, we just want to let you know that we’re on to it (if you are European, if you’re not, you may not care much either way). We even hired a bureau called GDPR-coach, run by an NLP-Masterpractitioner we know, who is helping us get all this in order before May 25.

UI and Report…
In the mean time, you may be wondering: are they ever going to launch that new user interface and that new report? I am sorry to have to tell you that it’s still not finished. I am so frustrated by these delays myself, that I swore never to promise any finish dates for software again. Ever. Also, Tomek Zawadzki, urged me to – while the new report is not available yet – make some ‘small’ changes in the current report. Which Jan Dirk is now giving total priority to, but that is again taking much more time than he expected. And in the mean time, the new stuff is not coming any closer on the event horizon. When will the new – or revamped-old report be available? Soon…

New Symbols
What else? Something that actually did get finished, are the new Meta Program and Graves Drive symbols. You may have seen some of them in the WhatsApp. They were designed by Dorian Denes and we are very happy with them. Dorian will probably be doing more design for different MindSonar expressions in the future. Of course we will use these symbols in the upcoming card game too.

Did I tell you last time that we are starting a MindSonar Certification training in Florida? It is organised by Dr. Mario Garcia if the Institute for Neuro-Strategic Coaching in Miami. Jaime Leal and I are developing Webinar/E-learning modules for this training, in English. When will those be available for the other languages? Soon.

Ann Finnemore
Oh yes, there is another project that did get done, are maybe I should say started. We have a new blog posting colleague on this website! Her name is Ann Finnemore and she was one of the First UK MindSonarites. She has a private practice as a coach and therapist. Her book “Life in the Driving Seat”, 2016 (Goldcrest books) and is available from Amazon. Her first three blogs are about MindSonar and door-to-door campaigns, relationships and the self-employed. It’s great to have another voice at the blog!

About the author 

Jaap Hollander

Psychologist, living in the Netherlands. Founded MindSonar in 1995. Working as a trainer, coach and therapist as well as being director of the IEP, the Institute for Eclectic Psychology. Has written 10 books on NLP and Provocative Coaching. Most recent book: "Provocative Coaching" (English), fall 2012 (Crown House) available from Amazon.

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  1. Thanks Jaap!

    I’m looking forward to contributing more to the MindSonar Global website, and to getting to know people. So please do comment folks!

    Best wishes

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