Getting Started with MindSonar

Please Note
This page was written specifically for people who are signed up for a MindSonar Certification Training.

I am honored that you have chosen to take part in the Certification training and become a MindSonar Professional.  Welcome! In the upcoming training you will learn a lot about Meta Programs and Graves Drives. You will learn how to measure them and how to apply your understandings to coaching, team building, personal development and NLP for business. You will learn to get to the heart of people’s thinking…

The way the training is set up, it is important to do some preparation activities. We will be using the results of these activities during our training days.

Looking forward to meeting you and/or getting in touch with you on line!

Happy Profiling!














Jaap Hollander
MindSonar Developer

Activities before your first training day
To get started with your MindSonar training, there are a few things I would like you to do.
Please do these activities before the first live meeting of the training group.

  1. Watch the MindSonar user panel movie (below).
  2. Get your license code.
  3. Set up a MindSonar project in your user panel.
  4. Make 4 MindSonar profiles.
  5. Save the reports to a memory stick and print the graphics pages.
  6. Read the e-book ‘Mastering Communication’ (or the equivalent in your language).
  7. Post a message at the bottom of this page.
  8. Read a number of posts/pages on this website.

1. Watch the user panel movie
We made a short movie that explains some important technical things, like logging in to your MindSonar user panel, downloading MindSonar profiles, setting up MindSonar projects, the codes you need, and so on. Before you make your first profile, please watch this movie. It is about 16 minutes. Please note: the design of the user panel has changed, but the functions are the same.

2. Get your license code
To make MindSonar profiles, you need a license code. When you sign up for the certification training, the organization that is offering the training will send your name and e-mail address to MindSonar Central, and we will mail you:

  • Your Mindsonar license code
  • Your password for the MindSonar user panel.

What if I did not receive my license code yet?
If you have signed up for a MindSonar certification training and you did not receive a license code yet, please contact the organization that is sponsoring the certification training.

In case of an emergency, they can let you make MindSonar profiles under their license code until you receive your own license code. Please note, that in this case you will not be able to download your profiles directly. They will need to download them and then mail them to you.

Alternatively, in the unlikely event that you cannot reach the sponsoring organization in time, and you need to make your first profiles because the  training is about to begin, you can e-mail Jan Dirk Brobbel at  or call +31 24 3230837 to get your code directly from MindSonar central.

3. Set up a MindSonar project in your user panel
Go to your user panel and set up a project as explained in the movie.
Do not set a predefined context.

4. Do 4 MindSonar profiles
Now you are ready to do your first MindSonar profiles!
Before the first meeting of the certification training, I would like you to do these 4 profiles:

Profile 1: At my best
You are filling out this profile for yourself. For this profile, think of situations where you are at your best. You are in flow. You are feeling great about yourself. You are at your best!

Profile 2: Problem situation
You are filling out this profile for yourself too. For this profile think of a situation – or a type of situations-  where you were not happy with how you responded. You could call this a problem situation or, alternatively,  you could call this a situation where you did not reach certain goals or standards. Before you do this profile, note down the question – about this problem – that you would like to find answers to. “What I would like to understand is….”

Profiles 3 and 4: Other people
Have two other people fill out MindSonar. You might explain that you are learning to work with MindSonar and you need practice. There are 20 free profiles included in your Certification training.

  • Before they fill out the test, talk to them about the context; the situation – or the type of situations – for which you are going to measure their thinking style.
  • Please remember that MindSonar is not a personality test. You can read more about that here. That’s why you need to choose a context. When they fill out the test, MindSonar will ask them for which context they want to have their thinking style measured.
  • Also, talk with them about the question they would like to answer with the MindSonar profile.
  • They will need your license code and the project name you set up in the user panel before. Direct them to
  • Explain to them that they need to use either a desktop or a laptop computer (no tablet and no smart phone) and that it’s usually better to use a mouse rather than a touch pad.
  • Ask them to switch on their speakers.
  • MindSonar does not work well on tablets and mobile phones, so ask them to use a desktop or laptop computer.
  • Download their profiles from, study the reports and then discuss the results with them. You can e-mail them the report to prepare them for this conversation. Then go over all the graphs with them.
  • Come back to the original question they formulated before the filled out the test. Historical moment: you are doing your first MindSonar interpretation session!

Who might you ask to do this?
For instance a colleague who is interested in psychology. They might feel nervous or frustrated with certain people or in certain meetings. They might wonder: How can I respond differently?
Or you might have a nephew who is very good at computer gaming but not so good at school work. His parents might wonder: How is he thinking when he’s gaming and how can he apply that kind of thinking more to his school work?
Or you might have a friend who wants to start a new business and who is wondering: “What are my strong points and what are my pitfalls as an entrepreneur?”
Or you might have two friends or colleagues who have questions about their relationship. You might profile them both and then discuss their similarities and differences with them.
You will be practicing with MindSonar, and at the same time you are providing these people with a valuable service.

5. Save the reports to a memory stick and also print the graphics pages
And please bring that memory stick to the training, so we can look at your profiles on a beamer. Also print the graphics page (the page with the diagrams) of each of those four profiles and bring those too.

 6. Read the e-book ‘Mastering Communication’ 
Please read the e-book ‘Mastering Communication’, or buy the original Dutch version if you are Dutch.
The price for the book is US$ 15,– Please click here to order it.









Alternatives to this e-book
Maybe there is a book in your language that you could read instead of ‘Mastering Communication”.

Dutch people, you can order the e-book in English or get this printed book (the original Dutch version):

Voorbij je eigen wijze

You can order this book here.

7. Read the following posts/pages and watch the following movies on this website
Please read the following pages:

8. Post a message on this page
And last, but not least, when you have read this page, please post a message (using the input box below). You can simply say hello and confirm that you have read this introduction, but you can also ask any questions you might have about the preparation process or about MindSonar in general. You might even introduce yourself briefly.

Note about your 20 free profiles
Your certification training includes 20 free profiles which you may use up until a year after the first training day.

You will need some of these profiles for training assignments (like the 4 mentioned above). You may use the rest in whatever way you see fit. If you want to sell them as part of coaching or consulting services, that’s fine with us. Some participants earn back a part of their training fee this way.



  1. I’ve read the instructions, watched the movie, and set up my first project.
    I’ve also downloaded the book and have read a lot of it.
    I have one person ready to take the test and will get a second today.
    I’m looking forward to class and meeting you this weekend in Salt Lake City.

  2. Hi Jaap,
    I’ve set up a project per the instructions and video – taken the 2 tests myself with the above contexts – had 2 people take the tests and they picked their own contexts – discussed the testing with them – emailed them their results – transferred the 4 tests to my stick drive (plus one test I took in Feb on “Relationship To Money”) – printed in color the corresponding 5 graphics pages (Staples did it for 49 cents per page) – am reading the e-book and plan to be finished by the start of class – and posted my msg on this page. Looking forward to this weekend.

  3. Hi Jaap,
    on your request, I’m (re)processing
    the information and looking forward to meet
    up again on Tuesday at the start of the
    2013 Dutch MindSonar season 😉

    warm regards

  4. Ik heb pas laat ingeschreven en intussen wel veel gelezen en de video’s bekeken.Ik zie uit naar morgen.
    met vriendelijke groet,

  5. Hi Jaap,

    I’ve read all the information on this site, watched the movie and i’m waiting for my licence code to make my first profiles….

    I’m looking forward to the training…


  6. Morgen de start van het eerste blok van de training. Ik ben er van overtuigd dat dit het begin zal zijn van een aantal inspirerende dagen die er toe zullen leiden dat ik de tool en de metaprogramma’s nog beter zal inzetten tijdens mijn verschillende activiteiten.


  7. Het eerste blok was erg inspirerend. Ik merk dat ik bewuster luister en kijk en ontdek veel metaprogramma’s als ik gesprekken voer, beslissingen neem en zelfs als ik tv kijk. Ik heb ook een eerste gesprek gevoerd met een bedrijf voor de opdracht om een metaprofielanalyse van een groep te doen.
    Ik kijk uit naar het volgende blok!

    Groeten, Esther

  8. Hi Jaap!
    I am doing my profiles and looking forward to meeting you next week in San Francisco!

  9. Looking forward to taking the class next week in the SF Bay Area. Did not yet get my license key and password. Have emailed NLPca about it. Read through materials, with exception of the book, and watched all videos. Did my profile last week, and have two others potentially ready do their profiles. Good stuff!

    • Hi Marilyn,

      Thanks for your response!
      Either our programmer (Jan Dirk) or NLPCA office (Paul Hallbom) shoud be sending you your codes soon.
      Hope you already have them by now…..
      Looking forward to seeing you Thursday!

      All the Best,

  10. Tomorrow I am going to start with the Mindsonar Certification Program. I made my first project and did the two personal profiles. Amazing how much the test reveals. Looking forward to the training.

  11. Hi Jaap,

    After some time we’ve met again during the last training, it was a pleasure. I’ve done three MS analysis until now and one of them is used in personal coaching of a customer. Very helpful to see that you can even detect when the participant is switching between the context ‘Ist’ (What is) and ‘Soll’ (What should be). Very helpful for me in this matter was the manual in specific the correlation between the meta programs. It told me more about the mutual relationships. And yes I’ve learnd a clear context and a good instruction is very important.

    It was a very interesting start, can’t wait to learn more.

    See you soon
    Rolf Scheerder

    • Hi Rolf,

      It was good to see you again too, and thanks for you kind words! I was wondering: how did you see when the participant was switching from ‘ist’ to ‘soll’? Was that from their non-verbal behavior or from the profile(s)?

  12. Hoi Jaap,

    Wat kleine onderwerpen als feedback naar aanleiding van jouw vraag in de e-learning mail:

    Mogelijke verbeteringen in de test zelf: een wat meer uitgebreide uitleg van de graves categorieën ( in plaats van een enkel woord).

    Mogelijke verbeteringen in de rapporten: De uitleg van elk metaprogramma (in meerdere kolommen) begint gelijk na de specifieke beschrijving. Daardoor lopen de kolommen over naar de volgende pagina. Krijg terugkoppeling dat het niet erg overzichtelijk is. Als de uitleg standaard op een volgende pagina begint, hoef ik niet voor elke rapportage 13 keer een pagebreak in te voegen. ( wat ik nu in het vervolg doe).

    Verder helemaal prima!

  13. Hi Jaap,

    ik heb afgelopen week ‘gestudeerd en gestampt’ om synoniemen voor alle metaprogramma’s te kunnen benoemen. Want aankomende week heb ik 3 interpretatiegesprekken gepland met personen die de test voor mij hebben ingevuld. Ook heb ik dinsdag een afspraak met mijn werkgroepje. Dus actief bezig met me zelf de mindsonar eigen te maken. Je ontvangt nog feedback op de test en het verslag van me. Fijn weekend!

  14. Zo…. eindelijk heb ik de weg gevonden om richting te geven aan het meer theoretische deel van Mindsonar. Na langzaam optrekken, heb ik wat meer tijd ietwat gas te geven. De gesprekken met de MS tests “andere personen” was intensief en leerzaam.

  15. Hola Jaap, cómo estás?
    Estoy muy entusiasmada con este nuevo aprendizaje y al respecto, quería saber si el libro tiene su versión en español, pues para leerlo en inglés, la verdad es que me demoraré mucho y mi comprensión no será al 100%.
    Entiendo además, que me llegará un mail de Amazon para poder encargarlo?, entendí bien?

    muchos saludos

  16. Looking forward to meet You again in Warsaw next week! I am so glad to have an opportunity to learn something new & useful 🙂 Trembling Coachelette :)))

  17. Dag Jaap,

    Nog bedankt voor je bereidwillige medewerking!!
    Filmpjes bekeken; ook de Graves Drives heel bijzonder. Inmiddels een Mindsonarprofiel gemaakt en 4 bij relaties in werking gezet. Het lezen van ‘Voorbij je eigen wijze’ nu op dreef. Dus….ik ben er helemaal klaar voor. Genieten.

  18. Alles doorgenomen en ‘ready to go’ komende week. Ik zie erg uit naar de training en de mogelijkheden die het programma biedt. In de begeleidende brief zag ik dat er gesproken werd over 20 profielen, in bovenstaande tekst zag ik staan ‘ There are 30 free profiles included in your Certification training’. Graag ontvang ik hier nog wat opheldering over.
    Met warme groet, Xandra

  19. On very Sunny day I’m preparing for the training next week!

    Looking forward to it! See you next week!

  20. After reading the instructions, watched the movies, bought the books, set up my first project, saved the report to an usb stick and also printed the graphics pages:
    I’m looking forward tot start tomorrow with the MindSonar Certification Training 2015 in the Netherlands


  21. Ik heb alle voorbereidingen gedaan. Het is allemaal zeer duidelijk. De test invullen is best een klusje. De context elke keer weer voor ogen houden, is wel belangrijk. Je beantwoord vragen dan toch net even op een andere manier. Note: het muziekje tijdens de test is wel een beetje irritant. Dat vonden ook mijn andere 2 respondenten.
    Morgen begint de training; ik heb er zin in.

  22. Hi Jaap,

    I’ve read all the posts and pages as mentioned above. It’s very interesting to see all the different ways to apply Mindsonar. I am very curious how to work with Mindsonar and to use it to help people change their thinking if there are trapped within themselves.

    See you on Monday .

  23. Goedendag,

    Na het volgen van het eerste trainingsblok heb ik veel gelezen over de metaprogramma’s en het gebruik van de test. Nu tijd voor de volgende actie: dus vandaag de eerste test uitgezet, uiteraard nadat ik de testinstructie heb gegeven. Ik ben heel benieuwd.

    Vriendelijke groeten, Janneke van Dijk

  24. Dag Jaap,

    De voorbereidingen zijn nagenoeg klaar en begin was al gemaakt met één van de boeken. Ik heb erg veel zin in de start volgende week.

  25. Veel mogelijkheden en mooi materiaal om me goed te kunnen bereiden op de komende Mindsonar certificatie training! (opties, voldoet wel:-)). Jammer dat de informatie en instructies hierover slechts een week voor de start van de training in mijn bezit zijn (voldoet niet), want ik heb graag gelegenheid om me goed te kunnen voorbereiden (binnen controle, informatie, naar toe:-)).
    Ik heb er zin in! (toekomst, ontwikkeling:-)!
    Tot donderdag,
    hartelijke groeten, Nanda

  26. Hello,

    well I started in april with the first block of the Mindsonar.
    It’s a inspiration to work with Mindsonar and to learn how to use it.

    Greetings, Miranda

  27. Hoe meer je er mee bezig bent des te duidelijker de vele toepassingsmogelijkheden worden.

    Hartelijke groet, Kees

  28. Hello! I am very excited about the MindSonar Certification in Ecuador. This tool for understanding human thinking has certainly no equal here.

    • Great to have you on board-it would be great to get your thoughts and theirs after you have used the tool with a client.

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