Working with Mindsets

Discover how people think
and what they find important

Because that could be very important to you... Coaching Team Building Recruiting Leadership Personal Development


And that could be very, 
very important to you...


MindSonar is like an X-Ray Machine for the Mind
Somebody's mindset determines their feelings and their actions. And these determine their results, in business as well as in life in general. That's why it is so important to understand how people think. MindSonar measures Thinking Patterns (Meta Programs) and Value Sets (Graves Drives).

Exploring the Power of MindSonar
Measuring Mindsets: Values and Thinking Patterns
MindSonar is a psychological tool that measures someone’s mindset: their thinking patterns, their values and the hierarchy in their values. Basically, MindSonar measures how someone thinks and what they find important. Developed by Dutch psychologist Jaap Hollander and his team, MindSonar has its roots in Neuro Linguistic Programming and the work of psychologist Clare Graves.

MindSonar Worldwide
MindSonar is used in the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, the UK, the USA, Slovenia, Greece, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. It is used mostly by trainers, coaches, team builders, HR-professionals and organizational developers. They use MindSonar in all kinds of organizations varying from Olympic sports teams to large corporations.

MindSonar is about Understanding
MindSonar is a solution to understand what changes are needed in coaching as well as how to attract new candidates for jobs and how to select them. MindSonar is helping individuals understand their own mindset, helps improve team cohesion and cognitive diversity in teams. It is used to resolve conflict and It can benchmark the ideal mindset for a certain function as well as help organizations change.


Mastering Mindsets
How MindSonar Empowers Professionals to Better Understand and Communicate
MindSonar helps professionals understand people's mindsets, adapt their communication to better reach them, help them change or match them to the right job. MindSonar helps professionals train people more easily, coach them, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and so on. MindSonar is being used both with individuals and with teams and organisations.

Mindsets vary with Context
One standout feature of MindSonar is that it presupposes that somebody's thinking style can be different in different situations. For example, their thinking patterns at work may differ vastly from those at home, and MindSonar can capture this. Hence our tag line: 'Because you are so much more'.

Focus on People and Results
MindSonar offers accurate, practical insights that can be applied in real-world situations. Wherever people and results are important, MindSonar is a fine grained, accurate and practical tool.

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Are you a professional coach, trainer, consultant or team builder? Get a demonstration of how MindSonar can revolutionise your activities.


Are you leading a company or a department? Get real-world examples of how MindSonar can help you lift it up to the next level .

MindSonar is the New Profiling
MindSonar is not a personality test. MindSonar does not lock people up in personality boxes. We assume you will think differently in different situations. No matter what they say about you, you are so much more…

Used by Professionals Only
MindSonar is offered exclusively through a network of certified MindSonar Professionals. The combination of a refined measurement plus an trained expert gives MindSonar solutions their unique power.


MindSonar is an easy to use tool that helps coaches and consultants gain insight into critical elements of people’s thinking styles.

I recommend it to NLP professionals as a supporting technology for their NLP work both with individuals and in organizations.

Robert Dilts
NLP Developer

I really enjoyed getting to the root of the way I and my coworkers think. Being able to understand how each of us approaches our work and then having open discussion ... was helpful to the team dynamic. Some of the results were surprising but ... we realized that they really made sense.

Julie Donato
Watertown-Oakville Chamber of Commerce

The tool is clear, understandable and extremely useful. It allowed us to make very fine decisions between different candidates or in one case identify that actually none of the candidates were suitable. I believe it saved us 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of pounds in wasted time and energy, employing unsuitable people for the wrong roles.

Stuart Kellock
Director Label Apeel

One of the things Mindsonar is good at is talent modelling. This allows you to map an expert's strategies with their criteria ...

Chris Minne

Organisational Psychologist

Saves hours of coaching.... Where other assessments give tendencies according to an archetype, MindSonar delivers measured components of the client's actual mindset ...

Cory Nott
Visionary Business Coach and Speaker

Mindset isn’t fixed ... Understanding mindset(s) in context provides insight into why things are already going well and, importantly, into how they could be even better.

Charlie Cooper Individual and Team Development in High Stakes Environments

The MindSonar assessment is shockingly accurate, thanks to ... its ability to be specific to context and the goals of the person taking it ...  changed our entire team’s goals and outlook ... boosted cohesiveness and connection ... setting us on a new path and launching us into a period of tremendous expansion. 

Mari I. Mars
Petrichor Counseling