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International Mindsonar E-Summit illustrates its flexibility on the world stage

July 29, 2018
Ian Clarke

I am a self-confessed sceptic of any skills and tools I use as I like to see the results and the impact. Being a sceptic keeps me looking at what I do and how I do it from new perspectives. I am a language and behaviour profiling consultant, NLP trainer and executive coach and last year, MindSonar arrived on UK shores.

Every time I use this tool I ask myself: ‘Is this online tool more flexible and reliable than other tools that businesses use?’On 29th June, the answer to the question became a resounding ‘yes’! On the International MindSonar E Summit featuring ten people from around the world, were giving a five-minute presentations on how they use MindSonar in their own particular area of work and expertise. The presenters were from diverse backgrounds; human resources, psychology, business & executive coaches, teaching, training, counselling and recruitment.

Reliable and flexible
Having listened to everyone else’s views, I can say that Mindsonar is both reliable and flexible and certainly has a place in the world’s personal and organisational development. Its reliability is tested regularly using Cronbach’s Alpha and its flexibility becomes apparent when you listen to the E-Summit on webinar and listen to the ten different approaches to using the tool.

Its beauty is that it does not confine you to being a set personality. What is unique about it is the flexibility and diversity of its application. I am yet to come across a situation where the application of MindSonar is not helpful.

The varied speakers and subjects were fascinating to listen to. They were:

  • Jaap Hollander (MindSonar originator): The new MindSonar card game, The Spectre of Personality and the GDPR
  • Jennet Burghard, Netherlands: MindSonar and Start-Ups.
  • Scott Morris, USA: Finding Hero – Capitalising on Individual Strengths in Team Building.
  • Monica Castañeda, Perú: Empowerment through self-knowledge and MindSonar.
  • Michelle Akel, Ecuador: MindSonar in Market Research and Consumer Behavior.
  • Tomasz Zawadzki, Poland: The evolution of Influence.
  • Bianca Negron, Puerto Rico: The Value of Personal & Employer Branding Powered by MindSonar.
  • Ian Clarke, United Kingdom: Recruitment in a Boutique Label Printing Company.
  • Carlos Arguello, Ecuador: MindSonar in HR: Hiring & Recruitment.
  • Debbie Yarhi, Guatemala: Successful Leadership with MindSonar and Lego Serious Play.

Building blocks to innovation
I like to think the goal of the E Summit was most definitely met and that was:

To create awareness about the different uses of MindSonar and to promote collaboration between different MindSonar professionals around the globe.  

This collaboration was fantastic to see and will be the building blocks to new and innovative, yet specific ways to support the development of those of us who use the tool.

A consistent message came through from everyone and that was to say that it is an accurate and cost-effective targeted solution.

Please have a listen to the presentations recorded here

I will always remain an advocate – and a sceptic – because my scepticism keeps me looking at ways to improve and challenge the application of the MindSonar.

MindSonar training in the UK

About the author 

Ian Clarke

Ian is the Director of Workforce Solutions Group and MindSonar® UK.
A coaching & training company based in Leicestershire, England. Passionate about understanding and inspiring change because #thinkingmakesitso

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