International Registry of MindSonar Professionals

International Registry of MindSonar Professionals

About the Registry
The registry identifies people who have been certified as MindSonar professionals.
In order to obtain this qualification they have completed a Certification training in MindSonar and passed an examination.

With the three search fields below you can  find specific MindSonar professionals. You don’t need to use all three fields, you can also search the list with any single field.

Name: Agata Łukasz Soja

Profession:Agile Coach / Communication Trainer / Hypnotist

More Information:

A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.





Certification Year:



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MindSonar Professionals: Changing Your Information
If you are in the registry, you can change your information by filling out this form: Registry – Change your information


  1. Regards. By August 2019 I obtained the MindSonar certification. Perform the steps to be on the MindSonar International registry. It’s already October and my name is not in the registry. If you could help me about it. Thank you.

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