International Registry of MindSonar Professionals

International Registry of MindSonar Professionals

About the Registry
The registry identifies people who have been certified as MindSonar professionals.
In order to obtain this qualification they have completed a Certification training in MindSonar and passed an examination.

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Name: Scott Robert Morris

Profession:Human Development Professional / Coach / Synergy Consultant

More Information:

Simply put, I truly enjoy building people. Success, in my opinion, is best obtained through a series of meaningful and tangible relationships built on trust, follow-through, and a commitment to serve. If you do the right thing for the right reason, you will always take home a 'win'.

I possess over 20 years experience in leading others, and I specialize in human development, coaching, team synergy, training, and helping people become the best versions of themselves. I serve corporations and small businesses alike, and most of my clients can be found in the worlds of property management, construction, sales, civil service/government, clinical therapy, aviation/maritime transportation, sports performance, and talent acquisition.

...but enough about me. Tell me what it is that you really want out of life!


United States



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MindSonar Professionals: Changing Your Information
If you are in the registry, you can change your information by filling out this form: Registry – Change your information

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