What are people doing with MindSonar?
We say that “MindSonar is being used all over the world by consultants, coaches, trainers and organizational developers”. What does that mean, precisely? In this series we meet several MindSonar professionals, talking about their projects.

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Lot Wielders and Jennet Burghard | Team building and Coaching
[youtube_sc url=l782JcJ0gP0 width=500 rel=0] Lot Wielders and Jennet Burghard, two trainers/coaches from the Netherlands. In the MindSonar community they are famous for coaching the Dutch equestrian team in the 2012 Olympics.

In this video they explain quite clearly how they discovered a combination of two meta programs that was an obstacle for good team work and how they used that understanding to coach the team. The Dutch equestrian team did exceptionally well in the 2012 Olympics. They actually won 20% of all the Dutch Olympic medals won in those Olympics.

Read their article on this project


Heleen van Elburg | Team building and recruitment
[youtube_sc url=pbjjTZ3UvD0 width=500 rel=0] In our on going series ‘Meet MindSonar Professionals’, this time we meet Heleen van Elburg, a Dutch trainer/coach who works primarily in team building and recruitment. In this video she describes how she uses meta programs to help teams become more efficient and how she uses MindSonar for recruitment.

It is interesting to hear Heleen describe how, in recruitment, she actually looks at profiles in four different ways:

  1. Does the candidate have the right thinking style, the right meta programs and values for the task?
  2. Does the candidate fit with the other team members in terms of their profiles?
  3. What is a good sequence for the team, given their profiles?
  4. What is the best way for a supervisor to motivate this candidate (once they have become a team member, of course)?


Chris Minne and Piere Bourgeois | HR Consulting
[youtube_sc url=EEk5yIotKt0 width=500 rel=0] In this video,Chris Minne and Pierre Bourgeois from Belgium describe how they use MindSonar in their work in training, coaching and HR consulting.

Chris and Pierre are the founders of the Brussels’ consulting firm ‘Enable’. They are both seasoned consultants as well as long time MindSonar professionals and prominent members of the Dutch-Belgian MindSonar community. They distribute MindSonar in Belgium. Jaap Hollander interviews them on Pierre’s yacht, off the Belgian cost. In the video, you can see the sea moving up and down as the boat rocks in the waves…

They describe how MindSonar enables them to understand the patterns behind behavior and competencies (talents). Having a lot of experience in training and consulting, they are well aware of the so-called  jo-jo effect: people get trained, they change… and then they change back to the way they were. MindSonar helps their clients understand why the jo-jo effect happens: behavior changes, but meta programs and values stay the same…


Guus Hustinx | Team Building
[youtube_sc url=F4JOFNCSkao width=500 rel=0] In this video, trainer and consultant Guus Hustinx from the Netherlands describes how he uses MindSonar for team building. Guus aims to improve cooperation in teams and helps teams solve relationship issues and communication problems. He works mostly in large companies and for government agencies.

An important insight he offers, is that MindSonar results often help people put a new frame around their differences. Where often people will see different thinking styles as ‘odd’ or ‘dumb’ or ‘ineffective’, Guus helps them understand that differences in Meta Programs can make a team stronger, as long as these differences are accepted and used as a source of flexibility rather than a source of conflict.


Guus Hustinx | Personal Branding
[youtube_sc url=lvy1mtLkfwg width=500 rel=0] In this video, trainer and consultant Guus Hustinx from the Netherlands describes how he uses MindSonar for personal branding, a project he started in a large Dutch accountancy firm.

Guus describes how the project works. He explains that MindSonar can be used to clarify key aspects of someone’s identity and how projecting that identity into personal descriptions can build trust with clients.


Cella van der Staak | Team Building
[youtube_sc url=7WaPKyUG0KY width=500 rel=0] Dutch psychologist Cella van der Staak talks about how she uses MindSonar in her team building work with multinational companies, where very different cultures need to work together in unison.

Cella is not only a psychologist, but she also worked for many years as a financial controller in an big company. She therefore speaks the language of high level executives and she knows from inside what they are up against. As well as speaking the language of change and the language of inner experience.

Cella van der Staak | Team Building – Part 2

[youtube_sc url=YskRRM5D7IU width=500 rel=0] Part II. Dutch psychologist Cella van der Staak explains further how she uses MindSonar in her team building work with multinational companies, where very different cultures need to work together in unison. In this video she explains in some more detail how she conducts a training like that.


Koen Lucas | Law Enforcement
[youtube_sc url=acC3Qa-lBME width=500 rel=0] Koen Lucas, a Dutch interim manager and trainer, describes how he uses MindSonar to train law enforcement agents. Note especially, how he has developed separate norm profiles for different kinds of law enforcement agents (city patrols, building inspectors and environmental security agents).


Johan de Haas | Training based on desired profiles
[youtube_sc url=WKKc1IJlI0c width=500 rel=0] Johan de Haas, a Dutch trainer/coach, describes how he uses MindSonar in his trainings.

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