A license for using MindSonar can only be obtained by completing the MindSonar Certification training (a minimum of 5 training days or the equivalent in online training sessions) and passing the certification exam.

MindSonar professionals are registered in the international MindSonar Registry and have the right to use the Certification Seal on their web site and in other publications.

Reporting transgressions
Please report any abuse or unwarranted use
of the title ‘Registered MindSonar Professional’, the seal or the MindSonar trademark to Jaap Hollander, jh@iepdoc.nl

Using MindSonar without Certification
If you want to use MindSonar, but you do not want to take the Certification training, you may use it - for up to one year - under the direct supervision of someone who is certified.

Why Certification?
Why don't we put MindSonar on line for the general public, like many psychological tests do?

First of all, interpreting MindSonar works best with a trained professional helping. This increases the quality of the interpretation.

Also, interpretation is useful only to the extent that you can actually do something with it. A trained professional can help people translate their insights into action, through advice, coaching and training. The same goes for organizations. Understanding how people think is only valuable in so far as people in the organization can use that understanding to change their behavior.

So we see MindSonar as only one part of the system. The other part- usually the most important part - is the professional using it. In combination they offer a great product. 

Certification Training Subjects
The certification training covers the following subjects

  1.  A1. Synonyms for Meta Program Distinctions
  2.  A2. Metaprogram Examples
  3.  A3. Frankensteining Meta Program Combinations.
  4.  A4. Metaprograms in Movement (Nonverbal expressions)
  5.  A5. Broad knowledge of Meta Programs
  6.  B1. MindSonar Preparation Session
  7.  B2. MindSonar Interpretation Session.
  8.  B3: Enhancing Communication and Motivation by Matching Thinking Style
  9.  B4. Live Observation of Meta Programs
  10.  C1. Computer Skills
  11.  C2. Explaining Benchmark Profiles
  12.  D1. Problem Analysis (Diagnostics) with Meta Programs
  13.  D2. Coaching Level 1: Embracing the Counterpart
  14.  D3. Coaching Level 2: Triggers and Activation Statements
  15.  E1. Team Building with MindSonar: Team Training Protocols
  16.  E2. Values, Criteria and Meta Programs in Teams: 4 Types of Teams
  17.  E3. Cognitive Diversity in Teams
  18.  F1. Recruitment with MindSonar
  19.  F1. MindSonar Projects: Thinking from Problem to Project
  20.  F3. Designing Products: 'Powered by MindSonar'
  21.  F4. Focus on the customer with the ‘Elated Customer’-strategy.

MindSonar examination
Right now (2023) The examination consists of:

  1. Test 1 - Theory Test
    This is test with 60 multiple choice questions.
  2. Test 2 - Interpretation Test
    Candidates get a profile and answer questions about the profile(s).
  3. Document 1 - Case Study Individual Coaching
    Candidates write a case study of individual coaching with MindSonar. 
  4. Document 2 - Case Study Organization
    Candidates write a case study of an organizational development project.