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MindSonar and Teams: Lots of Insights!

December 30, 2014
Jantine Wijtsma

It was a wonderful combination: working with a management team that was specialized in Graves’ theory. They asked me to accompany them in answering their question: How to put more effective marketing efforts in motion for the company, with the help of MindSonar? It was a typical win-win opportunity: the three of them experts in management drives, and me combining those with meta programs.

At first, we had a funny mistake about the colours. There are so many instruments in the HR-world that work with colours. The colours of the measured metaprograms in MindSonar do not correspond with the Graves’ colours in the report. The team thought it had to match and looked for the connection. I didn’t catch that immediately so for a few minutes we had a funny dialogue, misunderstanding each other  in our different colour perspectives.

After solving our confusion, we spent the evening looking at their team profile. This was very interesting, because most significant in their score together was:

  • they  scored very low on “concept”. “Use” and “structure” where both high;
  • they were high on “kinesthetic” and low on “visual”;
  • they were low on “information”, higher on activities, and highest on “people”.

This was fascinating because the firm has existsted for more than 20 years. One might think that without much “concept”, “vision” and “information”, a company doesn’t live that long! But their power was mostly in doing a lot of projects and things, and feeling what was going well and what was less successful.

During the evening I asked many questions to activate concept, visual and information as metaprograms. For example:

  • What is the essence of your product? Why does the company exists at all? What is the greater purpose of it?
  • What can you see as the advantage of your products for your customers? How do you see the future in a few global words?
  • What do you know about your customers? Are there any facts and figures to find about them? Is anything measured in what kind of customers the company attracts?

And so on. This was very funny, because as almost always, MindSonar proves itself in the now. The answers were all no……..

We later discussed the individual profiles and analysed who was the best in which metaprogram, and how he could contribute to the goal. And so MindSonar gave them  a lot of input for different marketing actions in the future.

And so I had a nice evening with my beloved instrument!

About the author 

Jantine Wijtsma

Jantine is a freelance HR-consultant from the Netherlands and has been a MindSonar Professional for many years. Organisations hire her on an interim basis to achieve tangible results based on the big picture: Jantine's broad view on the profession.

She works in recruitment, training and development, sustainable work practices, team development, strategic personnel planning and coaching of dysfunctioning employees. In this wide range of HR activities, Jantine has done countless projects, many of them using MindSonar. Jantine's pet subject is contributing to good conversations in companies. She even developed a special training program for that.

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  1. Hi Jantine,
    Is amazing to find how a team works and where his power is, like you mention it in this case was mostly in doing a lot in a kinesthetic an intuitive way. I like the way you asked questions to activate their blind spots. See you on MS chat!

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