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MindSonar Global moving into 2018

December 28, 2017
Jaap Hollander

We want to keep all of our international colleagues informed on MindSonar developments, so here is the latest update.

Best wishes!
First of all:

Best wishes for 2018!
May MindSonar help you connect with others,
feel free and secure, relaxed and successful.

May it enhance your compassion, your power and your wisdom.

New user interface
We are still working on the new user interface. It looks great in the beta version, but we are still struggling with some loose ends. We will definitely have it operational in all current languages in 2018, but it is difficult to predict when precisely.

New countries
We started a MindSonar Certification Training in Leicester, UK. Ian Clarke, head of MindSonar UK, is planning more UK MS Certification Trainings in 2018. We are welcoming the UK ‘MindSonarites’ to the MindSonar family! We have just made an agreement to do a Certification training in Florida USA (with Dr. Mario Garcia of The Institute of Neuro Strategic Coaching). This CT will start in April 2018. And we are talking to an NLP institute in China.

Registry obligatory from January
We made the registry obligatory for everyone using MindSonar. Somewhere in the beginning of 2018, it will no longer be possible to use Mindsonar if you are not in the registry.

So please enter your information in the registry if you are either a certified MindSonar Professional or currently in a MindSonar certification training (in which case you can apply for a temporary license). The process is very easy, just go here and fill out your information. Bonus: When you sign up you will be on the front page of the website in ‘New MindSonar Professionals’.

What if you don’t want your picture on the web? In that case, please use a symbolic picture, like a tree or a flower. What if you don’t want your name on the web? In that case, please contact us by email or phone and we will find a solution.

New name
We have changed our name from MindSonar Central into MindSonar Global. We feel that the word Global is a better representation of our vision: a world where professionals go to MindSonar solutions as the preferred destination for solving problems and achieving goals.

Card game
We are developing a MindSonar card game. Tomek Zawadzki is managing this project. We had the design ready, but then we decided that some of the meta program symbols, even though they had been redesigned graphically, could still be better content wise. But just as with the new user interface: we are getting close.

We would like to invite all of you to join the new MindSonar Global LinkedIn group. In 2018 we will be moving away from FaceBook, towards LinkedIn. We see LinkedIn as the better, more professional social medium for MindSonar. We are open to any suggestions as to how we might advertise on LinkedIn.

Okay, that’s it for now. We’ll keep you posted!

Love and Peace,

Jaap Hollander

About the author 

Jaap Hollander

Psychologist, living in the Netherlands. Founded MindSonar in 1995. Working as a trainer, coach and therapist as well as being director of the IEP, the Institute for Eclectic Psychology. Has written 10 books on NLP and Provocative Coaching. Most recent book: "Provocative Coaching" (English), fall 2012 (Crown House) available from Amazon.

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