April 12

MindSonar in Team Building and Recruitment | Meet Heleen van Elburg


In our on going series ‘Meet MindSonar Professionals’, this time we meet Heleen van Elburg, a Dutch trainer/coach who works primarily in team building and recruitment. In this video she describes how she uses meta programs to help teams become more efficient and how she uses MindSonar for recruitment.

It is interesting to hear Heleen describe how, in recruitment, she actually looks at profiles in four different ways:

  1. Does the candidate have the right thinking style, the right meta programs and values for the task?
  2. Does the candidate fit with the other team members in terms of their profiles?
  3. What is a good sequence for the team, given their profiles?
  4. What is the best way for a supervisor to motivate this candidate (once they have become a team member, of course)?


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  1. I was thinking about this when I read another post, so I’m glad it’s touched on here – team building. In my business, I am occasionally required to choose a group to work on a particular project together. I can choose people for their knowledge and skill sets, but we occasionally get hung up on different thinking and learning styles. It slows the process down. This seems like it could be the answer.

  2. Team building is not an easy task, I´m very glad mind sonar is such an efficient tool for this, having knowledge about meta programs people use and measuring them can tell a lot about how will people work for a certain purpose.

  3. Some of the most useful things on measuring meta programs is that once you make someone part of your team work you have a very good idea of how to get the person motivated and also you get an idea on what to expect of that person.

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