MindSonar & Personal Branding with Guus Hustinx


In this video, trainer and consultant Guus Hustinx from the Netherlands describes how he uses MindSonar for personal branding. This is an exciting MindSonar project that Guus has started in a large Dutch accountancy firm. In this video he describes how the project works. He explains that MindSonar can be used to clarify key aspects of someone’s identity and how projecting that identity into personal descriptions can build trust with clients.

Guus works mostly with large companies and government agencies. He does team building projects based on MindSonar measurements as well. This he describes in another movie.


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  1. This is an interesting application of Mindsonar. It seems like more of an in introspective use rather than being helpful for it’s predictive of others. For some reason it reminded me of a book I read after college called “What Color is Your Parachute” which was sort of an invitation for young adults to do a lot of self-reflection as they begin their career paths. More specific to the article above, the importance of self-branding on the Internet cannot be over-stated. All kinds of professionals could benefit from a sharp analysis of their key positive personality aspects and incorporating these into their online marketing efforts (websites, social networking etc.).

  2. Personal Branding is a very useful concept for individual consultants and large corporate officers alike! i really like Mr, Hustinx’s take on this concept. By letting potential clients clearly see who they will be working with and what that person brings to the table, it helps ensure that the business relationship will be a good fit.

  3. MindSonar is a tool that supports us in reflection and in the self-knowledge without a doubt, some of the people interested in that have used the results to get closer to them. A person who applied it could not be found reflected and dismissed the results. A few months later in a second reading understood the information which described. It is an honor to be close to this person in this re-discovery

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