MindSonar Professionals: Chris Minne and Piere Bourgeois — HR Consulting


In this video,Chris Minne and Pierre Bourgeois from Belgium describe how they use MindSonar in their work in training, coaching and HR consulting.

Chris and Pierre are the founders of the Brussels’ consulting firm ‘Enable’. They are both seasoned consultants as well as long time MindSonar professionals and prominent members of the Dutch-Belgian MindSonar community. They distribute MindSonar in Belgium. Jaap Hollander interviews them on Pierre’s yacht, off the Belgian cost. In the video, you can see the sea moving up and down as the boat rocks in the waves…

They describe how MindSonar enables them to understand the patterns behind behavior and competencies (talents). Having a lot of experience in training and consulting, they are well aware of the so-called  jo-jo effect: people get trained, they change… and then they change back to the way they were. MindSonar helps their clients understand why the jo-jo effect happens: behavior changes, but Meta Programs and values stay the same…

You can read more about one of their projects – entrepreneurial attitude in banking – on the ‘Show Case Projects‘ page. For this they won a Belgian innovation award. Well actually as Pierre points out –  their client, Axa, won the price, but they certainly helped.


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