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MindSonar Psychological Testing USA

February 9, 2013
Jaap Hollander

In terms of psychological testing, MindSonar can be used for individuals, teams and organizations.
As a psychological measurement, MindSonar is especially suitable when you need to measure the following aspects of psychological functioning:

  • Cognitive preferences (thinking style)
  • Personal and Group Values (criteria)
  • Value structures (criteria hierarchy)
  • Personal and Group Attitudes (Graves categories

Ordering Your Psychological MindSonar Test

To order your MindSonar tests in the USA contact:

MindSonar USA
NLP & Coaching Institute
3098 Highland Dr. Suite 255
Salt Lake City, Utah 84106
E-mail: request@nlpca.com
Telephone: +1-800-767-6756


About the author 

Jaap Hollander

Psychologist, living in the Netherlands. Founded MindSonar in 1995. Working as a trainer, coach and therapist as well as being director of the IEP, the Institute for Eclectic Psychology. Has written 10 books on NLP and Provocative Coaching. Most recent book: "Provocative Coaching" (English), fall 2012 (Crown House) available from Amazon.

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