MS CT Distance Learning


Welcome to the Distance Learning of your the MindSonar Certification training!

The training is a mix of online and onsite activities.
It consists of 4 parts:

– Onsite training days

– Webinars

– E-learning

– Assignments

You are now in the e-learning part.

We trust your sessions here will help you be even more successful and help you grow even more powerful, more expert and more compassionate as a MindSonar Professional.

And of course: if you have any questions, we’re here for you!


Jaap Hollander

Jaime Leal


‘What is MindSonar? -Video

In this video Jaap Hollander and Anneke Meijer talk about what MindSonar measures, how it is applied in different fields and where the name comes from.  As a MindSonar Professional you will often be asked these same questions, so here is an example of how to answer them.



Slide Show: What does MindSonar Measure?

With this slide series, you will develop a basic understanding of many terms related to MindSonar. You will become more precise about concepts like ‘criteria’, ‘sensory preference’, ‘Graves Drives’ and many more. As a MindSonar Professional, you will be talking a lot about what MindSonar is and what it measures. This slideshow helps you do this with understanding and confidence.


Click on the little arrows under the slideshow, to view the slides.
Click on the double arrow on the right hand side, to view slide show full screen.





After you have watched the slide show, please do this quiz, to check your knowledge.



MindSonar Symbols Flash Cards

To get comfortable with names and the symbols for the Meta Programs and Graves Drives in MindSonar, let’s play flash cards.

Please look at the symbol and say to yourself which meta program or Graves drive it is, then click on ‘Turn’ to see if you are right.
Click on the blue arrow to see the next card.

Challenge: Get them all right!




Play the MindSonar Memory Game

Let’s play a little game.This will familiarise you with the MindSonar symbols for the two-sided Meta Programs.

Challenge: Finish the game as fast as you can.


Note down your best time, so you can brag about it in the onsite training days…



2. The Miraculous Machine Experience

Our second activity is called ‘The Miraculous Machine’.

It has four parts:

  1. Passion
  2. Vision
  3. Mission
  4. Miraculous Machine

Each part starts with a short video and after that you will get a chance to note down your experiences.
We will come back to this briefly later, in the on site training.


Start with the Miraculous Machine










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