Building a Product Powered by MindSonar

1 Lesson Intermediate

About this course

What if you had your own MindSonar product?  Something that nobody else has? Not just MindSonar, but our own expertise, powered by MindSonar? Your own unique solution to a problem  people recognise. Backed up by this great instrument. This could be the answer. The missing link between having MindSonar and helping people plus making a steady income. The missing link between having MindSonar and empowering your work. You won't be selling MindSonar anymore. No more competing with other tests. The tool won't matter. It is the solution that matters. You are offering a product that gets the job done. And you can build this beautiful product in just 12 weeks. And the course that will teach you how to do that is on line. And if you want, your own MindSonar product can be 100% on line as well. Corona free. From the safety of your home or office.

Course Structure


My Passion

You passion is the emotional foundation of your product. You passion is the source of the energy that keeps you going, even when things get tough. So let's have a serious look at what you love.

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