Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Privacy Policy?

In short, our privacy policy is this:

  • We will use your information to generate reports on your thinking style.
  • We will share these reports with the MindSonar Professional whose licence code you used when entering your information.
  • We wil guard your information as best we can with electronic and social security measures.
  • We will never sell your information.
  • We may use your information for scientific research, but you will not be recognisable in the research papers.
  • We will completely remove your information as quickly as possible when you ask us to.
  • By entering your information on our websites, you agree with these terms. If you do not agree, please don’t use our websites.

For complete text, go here.

Where can I do my own MindSonar profile?

Contact one of the professionals in the MindSonar Registry. You can search on country. Many of them will be available to do a MindSonar preparation interview with you and then – after you have filled out your profile – an interpretation session.

The profiling process has three parts:

  1. Preparation
    In which you define the question you would like to answer with MindSonar.
  2. Filling out MindSonar on line.
  3. Interpretation
    Where you discuss the profile with the MindSonar professional.
How long does it take to fill out a MindSonar profile?

It generally takes between 40 and 60 minutes.

How much does it cost to do a MindSonar profile?

The cost of doing a MindSonar profile has two elements: the cost of the profile itself plus the cost of the MindSonar Professional working with you, based on your profile. It is not possible to do a MindSonar profile, without consulting a MindSonar professional.

Coaching or consultation usually consists of a preparation interview (often through Skype or phone) about the question you want to answer with MindSonar. And after the profiling, an interpretation interview (preferably live) about what the results mean and how the relate to your question.

So for the exact cost, you’ ll have to talk to the MindSonar professional you want to work with. For a list click here.

The images are loading very, very slowly.

Far be it from us to be pointing the finger at you, but there may be (or there may have been) something amiss with your web (internet) connection. Simplest way to solve this: try it again in about an hour. If that doesn’t solve it, start up MindSonar on a different computer. Use your home computer or use the computer of one of your kids or grandkids.

Will MindSonar 'put me in box'?

MindSonar is not a personality test. Personality tests will say what you are like as a person. Always and everywhere. Many people feel confined by this. And it’s not just tests. In general, people tend to ‘type’ others: “He is a typical X”, “She is a typical Y”. Personalty test do this too – be it in a more scientific way. The ‘Big Five’ test is officially based on how people in general typecast each other. Some old personality tests (like the MMPI) will even say how sick or healthy your personality is in psychiatric terms.

MindSonar measures how you think in a certain situation. Two things are important here. When MindSonar says that you think in a certain way – in a certain situation – it is understood that you will think differently in different situations. So you are not ‘put in a box’ or ‘pinned to a type’. Also, MindSonar does not assume that certain thinking styles are good or bad, or healthy or sick. MindSonar assumes that all thinking styles have their hour of glory, sometime, somewhere.

Why don't you put MindSonar on the web for free?

First of all, we see great value in the guidance that a trained MindSonar professional can offer you. We believe that the combination of the measurement and the professional is much more powerful that just the measurement by itself. See also this post (Why MindSonar has professional users only).

Secondly, it costs a fortune to develop something like MindSonar, so we need the money to finance further development.

Is there a MindSonar distributor in my country?

MindSonar is available in a growing number of countries.

All current MindSonar distributors are listed here. Please contact the distributor nearest to your country or in the same language group.

Can I become the MindSonar distributor in my country?

That depends on who you are and the kind of network you have. It takes time and effort to be a MindSonar distributor. On the other hand, it can be exciting to be involved in innovative MindSonar projects and be part of the international ‘MindSonar Family’. Also, being a distributor can earn your a steady, long term income. For more information please go here.

Where can I get trained as a MindSonar professional?

For MindSonar training. please contact the distributor in your country. Click here for the list of current distributors.

Is someone with a high score on 'mismatching' unsociable?

Not necessarily. Someone who scores high on ‘mismatching’, focusses on what is wrong. Mismatching is critical thinking. This can certainly be done in a way that irritates other people. But it can also be done in a way that the mismatcher is a valuable quality control, or an appreciated fighter for justice.

I finished my MindSonar certification. How do I get listed in the Registry?

Fill out this form and we will put your listing in the registry.

How can I change my information in the Registry?

Fill out this form and we will change your listing in the registry accordingly.

What if someone is using the MindSonar seal, but they're not certified?

Of course, that is a very serious matter for us. Send us an email and we will investigate and take legal action if necessary.

Can MindSonar be used for team building?

Certainly, this is one of the most popular applications of MindSonar.

Can MindSonar be used in mergers?

Certainly, this application of MindSonar is not as popular as coaching and team building, but it’s absolutely possible. We have a MindSonar process called ‘Merger Mirco Surgery’. Contact us if you want to know more.

What's the difference between MindSonar and tests like the MMPI?

The question comes up a lot (with different counterpart tests, MBTI, Lifo, Enneagram-tests and so on). Short answer: MMPI is based on categories of psychopathology (psychiatric distinctions), developed in the sixties and seventies. MindSonar is based on informal categories of personal growth, developed in the seventies and eighties. MMPI presupposes stable traits (personality), MindSonar measures thinking style in a given context; MMPI should ideally return the same result for any context. MindSonar will usually return different results for different contexts, often markedly different.

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