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Step 1: Download your seal

You probably would like people to know that you are MindSonar certified.
You worked hard to achieve this!
You can download your seal either here, or on the bottom of this page (if you want a bigger copy).


Simply right click on the picture and select ‘Save as…’ to put it on your own computer.
Then put the seal on your website or in your printed materials.

Step 2: Validate your seal

To make it possible for people to verify that you are actually registered – and you did not illegally copy it from somewhere on the web – please

  1. Put the text “Check MindSonar Seal” under the seal on your website
  2. Link this text to the MindSonar Registry page, where anyone can verify that you are in the registry.

How to do this?

– Use your website editing system (for WordPress this would be the dashboard and then ‘edit page’).

– Upload the seal and put it on your chosen page.

– Under the seal, type the text “Check MindSonar Seal”

– Still in your editing system, select the “Check MindSonar Seal” text and then use the link symbol to link this text to this page: https://www.mindsonar.info/international-mindsonar-registry/

The result will look like this:


Check MindSonar Seal


After you have made the link, you have finished the certification process.
I hope you will enjoy your certification for many years to come.
And I hope we will meet (again).

All the Best,

Jaap Hollander


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