Getting started

This page describes preparation activities for people who are starting with the MindSonar Certification training.

Calculating a Team Profile

A page about how to produce a team profile. Includes Excel files.

MindSonar Certification

Description of the content and the proces of MindSonar Certification.

Understanding Statistics

A page with explanations and movies about the statistics that are relevant for MindSonar.

Registry – Enter information

This is a form for entering your information in the Registry after you are certified.

Registry – Change your information

This is a form for changing your information when you are already listed in the Registry.

MS Store: Put your product in the Store

This page contains a form with which you can offer a MindSonar product that you have developed to other MindSonar professionals (for a fee).

Tienda MS – Poner su Producto MindSonar en la Tienda

Esta página contiene un formulario con el que puede ofrecer un producto de MindSonar que han desarrollado a otros Profesionales de MindSonar (de pago).

Your Seal

This page has information on your MindSonar seal and how to use and activate it.