Registry – Enter Your Information

About this page
This page is only for people who have received their MindSonar Certification.
If you are one of those people, congratulations!
Please fill out your information in this form and we will add you to the Registry.
If you are already in the Registry and you want to change your information, please go here.
  • Do you have a last name with two parts? For instance is your name "Klaus Von Friesland"? If you want to be found under "Von", then put "Von Friesland" in the "Last" name box. If you want to be found under "Friesland", then put the "Von" in the "Middle" name box.
  • Recommended size: 300x300 pixels. You can use jpg, jpeg, png or gif. Maximum size: 128 Mb.
  • After you have filled out this form, please download and activate your MindSonar seal. Ask your MindSonar Trainer for the password. Please go to this page.