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Selling Products ‘Powered by MindSonar’

November 19, 2013
Jaap Hollander

Let’s talk about sales for a moment. We all need clients who buy or products based on meta program measurement and Graves categories. Although, in the realms of consultancy and business coaching the ‘product’ is usually a ‘project’. This indicates that it is a custom made solution, just for that one particular organization. It may have a lot of standardized components, but the combination is still one of a kind. So what is the best way to sell MindSonar projects?

Many people have approached companies with a pitch like: “Hey, I have this great new tool, the latest test that can actually measure meta programs. With this system I can measure how people think. So you’ll understand that with this tool I can really help you advance your business in countless ways!”. Quite often these people have been met with blank stares. Especially if they didn’t know the client or the customer they were trying to sell to. Why? The reason is simple. People who lead organizations are usually not that interested in the tools their consultants use. It’s a bit like being called on the phone by a sales person saying: “Hey, I have this great new spark plug that can help the engine of you car run really smoothly!”. Sure, I want my motor to run well, but as long as it isn’t making funny sounds, I am not that interested in how precisely it is being sparked. That is the kind of detail I love to leave up to my garage, as long as my car is running okay. With psychological tests and measurements it is the same. Customers love to leave it up to you to use whatever tests you like, as long as you help them get the results they want.

And what are these results? Mergers going smoothly. Sales people selling in good quantities. Departments full of happy employees. Conflicts being resolved quickly. Excited customers. Employees enhancing their capabilities. An atmosphere of moving towards their vision. Interesting new products being developed. Being able to continue doing what you like to do. Just to name a few, off the top of my head. That’s the kind of things people in organizations are interested in. And you can offer them these results – often in a relatively straight forward manner – measuring meta programs and using MindSonar. But you will be offering them a lot more than just MindSonar. You are offering them you expertise in designing and running change projects. Often you also have some content knowledge of the business they are in. You know heat’s going on in their kind of business. Plus you have a broader theory of how things work in which meta programs are one element. You are basically offering a product that is ‘Powered by MindSonar’. Just like this website is ‘Powered by WordPress’. Well, actually it is ‘Proudly Powered by WordPress’. So my advice is: make your next offer about something that you client really wants and that has been difficult for them to achieve. And have it ‘Proudly Powered by MindSonar’.

About the author 

Jaap Hollander

Psychologist, living in the Netherlands. Founded MindSonar in 1995. Directs MindSonar Global, which manages the ICT development, applications and the curriculum of the MS Certification Trainings. Working part time as a trainer, writer and coach as well as being an expressionist painter (artist name JAAPH, see jaaph.com). Has written 10 books on NLP and Provocative Coaching.

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  1. Excellent !. I think this approach allows us to combine the experience and approach of coach or consultant to the process, structure and approach Mindsonar.

    Personally as a coach, providing Mindsonar has been very important.
    for my performance, Thanks!

  2. I like to call the MindSonar The Shortcut, because in my practice as Coach that is what has meaning and is as well as what I have proposed some of my customers. With this tool we arrived in serieses faster and more efficiently, when I use that argument, as we are all involved in the matter of speed, the client opens the door. I recommend this concept in the work of sale of the projects

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