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  • The Manager who didn’t want to Live in the Now

    By Jantina Wijtsma

    I was coaching Bert, a manager who worked for a non-profit organization. Bert had a whole list of questions for me:

    • “How can I manage my team to be ready for the future?”
    • “How can I renew the values in the team asap?”
    • “How can I move us forward fast?”
    • “How can I quickly achieve the best results for the company with the people I manage?”
    • “How can I earn money for us in the future?”
  • How Julia Learned to Deal with Stress

    By Jantine Wijtsma

    Julia was a financial administrative assistant, who wasn’t able to deal with stress at work. In her team, one manager came after the other, and the team was not really efficient any more. There was a lot of miscommunication. According to Julia, she was the only one who still cared about the clients.

  • MindSonar & Personal Branding with Guus Hustinx

    In this video, trainer and consultant Guus Hustinx from the Netherlands describes how he uses MindSonar for personal branding. This is an exciting MindSonar project that Guus has

  • Powered by MindSonar: Eviont

    Eviont, a Dutch NLP oriented consultancy firm, launched their new product ‘Help My Team Doesn’t Work!’ in September 2014. This product, sporting their TAA-system (Train, Analyze, Apply) has MindSonar at its core. MindSonar is presented as an element within the context of this larger, more specifically focused product. This is a good example of the […]

  • MindSonar Professionals: Guus Hustinx & Team Building

    In this video, trainer and consultant Guus Hustinx from the Netherlands describes how he uses MindSonar for team building. Guus aims to improve cooperation in teams and helps teams solve relationship issues and communication problems. He works mostly in large companies and for government agencies. One important insight he offers, is that MindSonar results often help people put a new frame around their differences.

  • Teambuilding with MindSonar, Cella van der Staak, Part II

    Part II. Dutch psychologist Cella van der Staak talks some more about how she uses MindSonar in her team building work with multinational companies, where very different cultures need to work together in unison. In this video she explains in some more detail how she conducts a training like that.

  • MindSonar Professionals: Koen Lucas & Law Enforcement

    Introducing the next MindSonar Professional: Koen Lucas. Koen, a Dutch interim manager and trainer, describes how he uses MindSonar to train law enforcement agents. Note especially, that he has developed separate norm profiles for several different kinds of law enforcement agents (city patrols, building inspectors and environmental security agents). For more information on all MindSonar […]