The Power of Frankenstein

March 10, 2020
Jantine Wijtsma

Jantine Wijtsma

Whatever your client’s coaching question is, you can ask Frankenstein to help you to solve the problem. He is always available to help. You can ask his expertise for any client …. curious how?

In a session with a client, the ultimate way of building rapport is by matching the Graves drives and meta programs you see as a coach on page 2 of the MindSonar report. 

I’ve developed the habit of routinely demonstrating the client’s profile by
saying, “I’m you and I’ve got your drives and meta programmes, I’m associated in your context and I’m going to show you what happens when I act like you.”  Thus I play the profile in front of the client.  So far it’s really helpful for my clients to see his or her pitfalls regarding reaching their desired goal. For me as a MindSonar professional, it is good to associate in a profile because it allows me to train myself to become better at association  (and perhaps I’ll also develop an acting  career…)

For example: I welcomed a client who had a huge turquoise Graves ball
and mismatching in the context of work/life balance. By acting these mindset elements for her, my client  experienced rapport and I managed to make things clear for her. She had many light-bulb moments.  I was a kind of mirror for her, reflecting where it difficult for her to look, but it worked! The next time she came she was much more positive and her matching metaprogram and yellow “learning” attitude were  much more evident.  

“Frankenstein was looking for beauty,” says Wikipedia. And that’s what I do
as well.  Every profile has its beauty. Seeking  a good outcome for clients, I
imagine putting on other meta programmes and drives and I experience
the difference myself. And most of the time I really experience  a client’s problem …. and the solution as well. It feels so wonderful to be able to help in that way! You might want to try it yourself, experiencing the beauty of MindSonar profiling again every time.

About the author 

Jantine Wijtsma

Jantine is a freelance HR-consultant from the Netherlands and has been a MindSonar Professional for many years. Organisations hire her on an interim basis to achieve tangible results based on the big picture: Jantine's broad view on the profession.

She works in recruitment, training and development, sustainable work practices, team development, strategic personnel planning and coaching of dysfunctioning employees. In this wide range of HR activities, Jantine has done countless projects, many of them using MindSonar. Jantine's pet subject is contributing to good conversations in companies. She even developed a special training program for that.

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